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03:02 Confused

04:01 Superego

04:00 Far Away

The winding lights of infinity showing me the way But I just wait for you every chilly morning Closed into my room I scratch the wall, bloody nail scratching Only you can help me because you are willing to Your love has given me great help Your absence makes me feel obsessed but I can see your face and I can imagine your smile and you are pointing me on my way I don't want this, I do not want to be so far away from you I don't want to stay away from your life Somehow I must survive the next minutes which will be hard for sure, because I let you come inside me So you can see who am I in all the ways, good and bad I beg for your forgiveness so please, please forgive me

Kiadás éve: 2014
Felvétel helye: Remo Home Studio
Gitár(ok): Korcsmár Gyula Remsey Gergely
Basszusgitár: Frank Máté
Dob: Eszes Imre

Boritó grafika: