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03:19 Fata Morgana

The infliction for conscience sake will take some time Trust you can get only once, then loose it if Guilty of the crime Rudiments of Propaganda, with a steel style media head Too many People with sadistic personality , still alive and not dead Deep purple and red sunset neon colored rays from the sun very, very slow tempo songs by blind killer, that is the name of the fucking sick mind Hate and terrorism driven by poverty, a misery Total destruction then the endless silence, harmony

04:09 We All (TYCS)

01:50 Requiem

Kiadás éve: 2015
Felvétel helye: Delirium Studio
Gitár(ok): Korcsmár Gyula
Basszusgitár: Frank Máté
Dob: Eszes Imre

Boritó grafika: