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02:57 Darkness

03:42 Oracle

03:54 Thorn

In the cold and frozen mind fading memory, an intention which is changing during the moment right now The main plan which was the guiding skeleton of the life disappears in a second while burning all around Brainwashed bodies are collapsing into a heap. Which is fermented by various strains of bacteria. Wounds under the skin Temptation dream come true and followed. Praying for ages, but no understanding at all Asking the God and the sky not to cover the sun but to give a new tomorrow as soon as possible Surviving that is the only glory, death is not an option. Or are all dead already around and can’t be seen by eyes?

Kiadás éve: 2014
Felvétel helye: Delirium Studio
Gitár(ok): Korcsmár Gyula Nagy Gábor
Basszusgitár: Frank Máté
Dob: Eszes Imre

Boritó grafika: