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03:53 At the cross

02:30 Liar

04:04 Filthy cold as stone

The stretched sinews Are not causing pain anymore Are flinched, foolishly dangling There is nothing inside them anymore As the doors are closed The angry dawn’s early light, early light scattered at the ground A new day is a new hope The curtain cut by a knife Like a stunned retina’s Shape lost through the dirty dim window Every hour is a retribution A lie hidden by a small cloud Freedom may be hard Collected and alive, filthy cold as stone Still alive at morning, filthy cold as stone (All that is combustible)

Kiadás éve: 2013
Felvétel helye: Remo Home Studio
Gitár(ok): Korcsmár Gyula Remsei Gergely
Basszusgitár: Frank Máté
Dob: Eszes Imre

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